Tuesday, February 12, 2008

If you like chocolate you'll love this blog post

The picture says it all really: Learn to Eat chocolate with the Real Willie Wonka

BBC Horizon - How to make better decisions

Watching a show on BBC 2 in the UK on how to make better decisions by taking a more rational stance.

Hopefully the clips and info at the following link will work for everyone, which ever country.

BBC Horizon Tuesday 12 February 2008 Making Better Decisions

Monday, February 11, 2008

At last we are on the way to an electronic fountain pen

I have been looking for a pen that handled like a fountain pen but wrote electronically and, while this isn't quite it, things are getting closer (if only as a concept at the moment).

Yanko Design SMS and Email Pen

A new case for the tablet

I have been looking for a better way to care for my HP 2710p. I have a neoprene case that is fine to keep it dirt free but not padded against knocks. To increase the protection afforded by the wallet I have been wrapping my tablet in bubblewrap but this case become tedious and is not perfect.

On the way back from Devon I stopped for some water and a quick wander around a well known (in the South West)discount store called Trago. I wasn't looking for anything specific, just acting on the fuzzy feeling I get sometimes. (Yes, I know this sounds strange, it's something that comes over me most often when passing the library or ocassional charity shops. I don't have something specific in mind, just the feeling I need to look around and then I come across a book that I had been wanting for some time, say the next one to a series I have been reading, or related to a topic I have just been getting interested in.)

On walking through the door my route took me straight to a rack on which a set of laptop cases hung. Being related to IT I naturally perused it. There were around 10 denim cases and 1 black waterproof laptop case. The single black case offered padding, straps to allow the laptop to be run in the case, a rear port access flap and it was just big enough for the HP 2710p. A second need that I had was a way of carrying the tablet power lead without it tangling with other items in my backpack. Alongside the black case was a small black neoprene case, just the right size to store the powercable and a couple of other USB related cables.

The make of the cases is Shoreline, not one I have come across before but the case is excellent. Needless to say I bought them.

It holds the tablet in notebook configuration but I can use it in case in tablet form too. while my tablet is a wide screen version it just fits in the 12" Classic case.

In addition to the merits of the case it comes with free basic membership to StuffBak an equipment refund service. I am not certain how well it works outside of the UK but it is a welcome option.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Visions of InkSeine (an Ink post using Sumocat's Build52)

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