Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Greek days

I stepped outside tonight at midnight and was surprised at how warm it has become; even with the breeze that is bringing the sound of the sea, rustling bamboo and passing birds.

Everything reminds me of Greece at the moment. I get periods like this, the impending holiday just means it gets more frequent.

The above was written a week or so back, it's been living in my draft tray for a while now. Things are a little different as I write this. Weather-wise nothing to complain about, travel-wise l'm on firmer ground. Our holiday season is not that long - so it's a novelty this London tube train in Summer feeling. For the second day running we have had a single carriage to pickup a carriage and a half's worth of people. Let's put things into perspective, we are talking country railway stations everyone polite, other than small clusters of work colleagues, no real groups conversing to pass the time. The train turns up, you can almost see the group shrug of the shoulders as people realise it's one carriage, no-one dares say a word - you're in the English countryside my friend. I do not enjoy confrontation and I will always be the first to the back of the que when it comes to a row. I know the principle that things often won't improve unless someone makes a stand, but I find that so much can be done without the bluster and shout.

I'm not sure what point l'm trying to make in the above, I guess it's what blogging is about - a license to ramble.

I'll sign off now and

Monday, August 22, 2005

New Gadget

I had one of those excellent surprises at work recently, ordered some new headphones to help manage office noise and promptly forgot 'till they turned up.

Better still, they are closed cup and this is also good for trains, planes, busy roads and all such havens of disruption.

When travelling I intend using these beauties to improve my commute to work.

I wore them at the end of last week and l'll swear the walk in and back to the station was much eased by being to actually hear sufficiently well that l didn't need to go back over segments.

Today was a bit of a let down audio-wise, I started the morning off by packing my hard drive charger and USB lead, only to find, five minutes into the ride, that the actual drive was at home! I really did not relish the 1/2 hour walk with my own thoughts alone for company - no specific reason, just a disturbed night and a wish not to get too excited.

I am always the same when it comes to holiday. Half of the fun is in the research and planning - unless it's Greece. All the feelings coalesce into a mounting feeling that seems to combine excitement/nerves/dread. I am gripped by the feav that if l allow myself to become too excited something will happen to stop us going.

(I have written the above on my journey home on a single carriage train thqt has attempted to pick up 2 carriages of tired passengers. For my own health I'll continue later.

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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Pirate FM Event Somewhere in the middle

We are now something like midway and, apart from some organ shaking base, all goes well.

Some short sets from headline acts - 2 songs for instance from Charlotte Church. I was tempted to stand and call out, with a request for somlthing by Handel but decided againsl it.Mainly because I didn't want to be turfed out of the venue by the Union of Chavs, which has a strong turnout today.

People watching is the besl fun to be had on a day like lhis

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Pirate FM Event It's begun

The painful part, (you just knew there'd be something didn't you), began by the time we had settled in to our chairs. Not being an expert, or even a regular, at outside events I didn't realise how rigidly they would enforce the no food rule. We didn't bring food but a number did - only to have it confiscated in a bag check as they came in. Why would anyone bother? I found out when I came to buy a couple of hoagies (filled soft bread rolls). The only time I've paid more was for a crab sandwich l ordered before seeing the price.

Now l am no scrooge. I'll willing spend all of my money, and often do, but it's when l think about our forthcoming holiday.

When in Corfu, at lunchtimes I will often just have a spinach pie (spanakopita) and Cathy a calzone - cost? Around GBP 1.50 for both. If we have a bigger meal, often at Aries - a great taverna in Gouvia, we will choose 5 or so starters. That's it, just the starters and at the end we will have sampled a whole host of dishes and be completely full. All for around GBP 8 (not including a coup!e of beers). Today the two small rolls were GBP 7 - ouch! We can afford it but I do think abont those young people who may only just be able to afford tickets to the shdw - or am I being condescending?

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Pirate FM Intro

So we're in, that's the painless bit - no pushing and shoving (just a real sense of my 41 years greatly enhancing the average of the first few hundred at the gates).

Finding a comfortable spot was again straightforward. (Listening to some of the louder sound checks, l may change my mind later).

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Pirate FM Event Prelude

OK I'll admit it - I'm currently standing in a que to go hear Bananarama - well 2/3 of the original I guess. A mitigation to the accusation that I'm a sad 80's bopper might be that other acts include Charlotte Church and Daniel Beddingfield but I think that actually compounds things.

OK so, for now, l've lost any music cred but hey! It's a day out and l'm determined to enjoy it.

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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Hair today, gone tomorrow

Just so you know gentle reader, this site is not above the odd pun or two.

I am at the hair salon this fine Saturday morning. A regular treat for me and something I make sure I indulge in while I can. (I am a member of the follically challenged group and rising higher in it's ranks every year). When I was younger, hair would often be cut at home. To gather the fallen hair, sheets of old newspaper would be placed on the floor - when I have mine cut you could use a cigarette paper.

After the brief spell of hair washing, cutting and drying I will head down to the harbour. I intend laying down a couple of minutes of podcast, this being Record and Post Regardless weekend. I have recorded
material for my first cast maybe 20 times and still have not pulled it all together.

I have purchased Mixcaster but have not got my head around it. A quick look at the beta Casterblaster suggests that I'll use that to record a 10 minute first cast.

It's getting crucial that I get something posted.

It's now late, l'm off up the wooden hill to Bedfordshire - (I do like that phrase).

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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Charlie & the Chocolate Factory

The picture at the start of this is the view from our table, ( I've learnt from the last one not to tilt the phone cam' if I want to post it upright.) It was a spur of the moment thing - prompted only slightly by the fact that, thanks to 0range Mobile, we can get half price cinema tickets via Orange Wednesday, (though we didn't end up using them).

The Roald Dahl story has always been a top favourite of mine - Gene Wilder's version my staple feel good film.

This cinema has an excellent system of allowing diners to enjoy their food, safe in the knowledge that they have reserved seating for the film of their choice.

Crowds were turning up in our county's main town, Truro, at 5pm to find that there were no seats until tomorrow. A quick call via the bluetooth earpiece while driving to pick Cathy up secured us a table and tickets. One scenic drive later and we were relaxing with a cold drink and perusing the menu.

It's not polite to be smug and I am normally very polite but every so often l like to celebrate the triumph for the geek.

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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

A Modern Dental Surgery

I am visiting a friend at the dental surgery where she works. It is in a purpose built building only 12 months or so old.

First impressions, on entering, are of white walls and pastel blues with lots of space. The reception is open, with a wall to screen people off people passing back and forth. It works well, with the room having a feeling of calm but not enclosed. The waiting area chairs are a burgundy colour and stand out well against the blue of the carpet.

I am surprised that I was so calm writing the above description. For years I would be wracked with paroxysms of despair at the slightest inkling that I would actually have to visit such a place. In my mind all syringes were an inch long and did nothing to dispel the dread that gripped me.

The cure, or at least the antidote, for this affliction arrived in the form of an invitation to have a checkup; a friend had started work in a new dental practise and did not know any of the patients.

From this I went on to meet Cathy, whom I went on to marry. Maybe I was right to be scared of what can happen from visiting the Dentist.

I'm actually preparing this entry four days late. As I write I am listening to the Commute Cast with Ken & Barb, here in the background there is a sound I have not heard in a long while.

The rainfall is so reminiscent of Corfu, it is coming down that hard.

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