Monday, August 22, 2005

New Gadget

I had one of those excellent surprises at work recently, ordered some new headphones to help manage office noise and promptly forgot 'till they turned up.

Better still, they are closed cup and this is also good for trains, planes, busy roads and all such havens of disruption.

When travelling I intend using these beauties to improve my commute to work.

I wore them at the end of last week and l'll swear the walk in and back to the station was much eased by being to actually hear sufficiently well that l didn't need to go back over segments.

Today was a bit of a let down audio-wise, I started the morning off by packing my hard drive charger and USB lead, only to find, five minutes into the ride, that the actual drive was at home! I really did not relish the 1/2 hour walk with my own thoughts alone for company - no specific reason, just a disturbed night and a wish not to get too excited.

I am always the same when it comes to holiday. Half of the fun is in the research and planning - unless it's Greece. All the feelings coalesce into a mounting feeling that seems to combine excitement/nerves/dread. I am gripped by the feav that if l allow myself to become too excited something will happen to stop us going.

(I have written the above on my journey home on a single carriage train thqt has attempted to pick up 2 carriages of tired passengers. For my own health I'll continue later.

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