Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Greek days

I stepped outside tonight at midnight and was surprised at how warm it has become; even with the breeze that is bringing the sound of the sea, rustling bamboo and passing birds.

Everything reminds me of Greece at the moment. I get periods like this, the impending holiday just means it gets more frequent.

The above was written a week or so back, it's been living in my draft tray for a while now. Things are a little different as I write this. Weather-wise nothing to complain about, travel-wise l'm on firmer ground. Our holiday season is not that long - so it's a novelty this London tube train in Summer feeling. For the second day running we have had a single carriage to pickup a carriage and a half's worth of people. Let's put things into perspective, we are talking country railway stations everyone polite, other than small clusters of work colleagues, no real groups conversing to pass the time. The train turns up, you can almost see the group shrug of the shoulders as people realise it's one carriage, no-one dares say a word - you're in the English countryside my friend. I do not enjoy confrontation and I will always be the first to the back of the que when it comes to a row. I know the principle that things often won't improve unless someone makes a stand, but I find that so much can be done without the bluster and shout.

I'm not sure what point l'm trying to make in the above, I guess it's what blogging is about - a license to ramble.

I'll sign off now and

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