Sunday, August 07, 2005

Hair today, gone tomorrow

Just so you know gentle reader, this site is not above the odd pun or two.

I am at the hair salon this fine Saturday morning. A regular treat for me and something I make sure I indulge in while I can. (I am a member of the follically challenged group and rising higher in it's ranks every year). When I was younger, hair would often be cut at home. To gather the fallen hair, sheets of old newspaper would be placed on the floor - when I have mine cut you could use a cigarette paper.

After the brief spell of hair washing, cutting and drying I will head down to the harbour. I intend laying down a couple of minutes of podcast, this being Record and Post Regardless weekend. I have recorded
material for my first cast maybe 20 times and still have not pulled it all together.

I have purchased Mixcaster but have not got my head around it. A quick look at the beta Casterblaster suggests that I'll use that to record a 10 minute first cast.

It's getting crucial that I get something posted.

It's now late, l'm off up the wooden hill to Bedfordshire - (I do like that phrase).

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