Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Newquay Airport

Here I am waiting for the call through for my flight - up to London for a meeting tomorrow then back down tomorrow night.

Going up is no problem. An extra hour at work then a couple of hours spare before we fly. Not a lot to do at what is probably one the most provincial airports in the UK. Having the airport is so wonderful I can't express it, (from this you can tell I am very pro flying and do not live under the flight path!). By the bounty of the lowcost airline l am able to take a 1 hour flight, instead of a 5 hour train ride, to the capital for under $50.

Coming back is a pain, my meeting runs until 5.30pm, so I only have 90 minutes to get from North London to the airport - a very small window with no margin for error! Still, miss that flight and it's a day in London tomorrow before a flight home in the evening. I'd rather be home, given the choice.

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Monday, January 02, 2006

Thoughts on the year

So here we come to the end of 2005.

It has been a mixed year, sadder in the second part but on the whole a good one.

We managed to have a long holiday with our friends in Corfu which was a blessing and for which we realise how fortunate we are.

We saw the New Year in with best friends, which I feel is the best one could wish for - we don't see them enough as it is.

Just popped outside and it is one of those still, quiet starrynights that makes me want to stand there staring up.

I am writing this using PhatWare's Calligrapher programme. Things were moving slowly until I realised that well worn phrase RTFM applied to me. I am well impressed.


Phil Ferris

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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Day 1 Year 2006

Just a quick note to mark the first day of a new start for my mobile blog.

I am writing this courtesy of www.phatware.com and their generous New Year offer. Go there and see for yourself before Midnight EST on 3rd January 2006.

Happy New Year!

Phil Ferris

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