Monday, January 02, 2006

Thoughts on the year

So here we come to the end of 2005.

It has been a mixed year, sadder in the second part but on the whole a good one.

We managed to have a long holiday with our friends in Corfu which was a blessing and for which we realise how fortunate we are.

We saw the New Year in with best friends, which I feel is the best one could wish for - we don't see them enough as it is.

Just popped outside and it is one of those still, quiet starrynights that makes me want to stand there staring up.

I am writing this using PhatWare's Calligrapher programme. Things were moving slowly until I realised that well worn phrase RTFM applied to me. I am well impressed.


Phil Ferris

Composed and sent from a WM5 Pocket PC

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