Saturday, August 06, 2005

Charlie & the Chocolate Factory

The picture at the start of this is the view from our table, ( I've learnt from the last one not to tilt the phone cam' if I want to post it upright.) It was a spur of the moment thing - prompted only slightly by the fact that, thanks to 0range Mobile, we can get half price cinema tickets via Orange Wednesday, (though we didn't end up using them).

The Roald Dahl story has always been a top favourite of mine - Gene Wilder's version my staple feel good film.

This cinema has an excellent system of allowing diners to enjoy their food, safe in the knowledge that they have reserved seating for the film of their choice.

Crowds were turning up in our county's main town, Truro, at 5pm to find that there were no seats until tomorrow. A quick call via the bluetooth earpiece while driving to pick Cathy up secured us a table and tickets. One scenic drive later and we were relaxing with a cold drink and perusing the menu.

It's not polite to be smug and I am normally very polite but every so often l like to celebrate the triumph for the geek.

Handcrafted on a Sony Ericsson P910i while watching the film trailers

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