Sunday, August 14, 2005

Pirate FM Event It's begun

The painful part, (you just knew there'd be something didn't you), began by the time we had settled in to our chairs. Not being an expert, or even a regular, at outside events I didn't realise how rigidly they would enforce the no food rule. We didn't bring food but a number did - only to have it confiscated in a bag check as they came in. Why would anyone bother? I found out when I came to buy a couple of hoagies (filled soft bread rolls). The only time I've paid more was for a crab sandwich l ordered before seeing the price.

Now l am no scrooge. I'll willing spend all of my money, and often do, but it's when l think about our forthcoming holiday.

When in Corfu, at lunchtimes I will often just have a spinach pie (spanakopita) and Cathy a calzone - cost? Around GBP 1.50 for both. If we have a bigger meal, often at Aries - a great taverna in Gouvia, we will choose 5 or so starters. That's it, just the starters and at the end we will have sampled a whole host of dishes and be completely full. All for around GBP 8 (not including a coup!e of beers). Today the two small rolls were GBP 7 - ouch! We can afford it but I do think abont those young people who may only just be able to afford tickets to the shdw - or am I being condescending?

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