Saturday, March 13, 2010

Fighting the apathy not to post

I just don't know what it is - that hidden creature that saps my energy when I feel the urge to write.  Creeping up on me and dulling the desire or arranging circumstances to ensure that I do not put fingers to keys.
My friend Alan tells how the ideas come but fade before he has time to write them up.  For me it's the energy to get the thoughts and ideas typed up.  I can get fired up in the morning and be back  in a state of calm by tea.
I started a post 2 days ago and it faded, for familiar reasons - I come home, get the coal fire lit and eat, then start to watch the regular television that I have got into.  Watching programmes on the laptop is fine but I do think that I would gain some time by recording them, (even more time by not watching of course).  I'm keeping my eye on for a recording option but have yet to find one that will record in the background while I go off and do other stuff, a prerequisite for the operation I would say.
As I type this I am undertaking the compromise that works for some programmes.  In one FireFox window I have Time Team playing.  (Time Team is the UK television archaeology show, which visits under explored sites and tries to find out as much new information as it can in 3 days).  I am typing this in a window over the top of the FireFox browser and that allows me to listen to the show but not see.  Shows like Voyager, the Start Trek spin-off I missed when it was first shown so watch it each evening now, is a visual experience - the story lines may be easily translated to what we have now but the added value is in the visuals.
Well, this post is in danger of going the same way as the last if I don't get it posted.  There's a nagging voice in the back of my head, it's trying to point out that this post isn't polished and I should work on it before sending it into the outside world; trouble is I am even more rubbish at the editing than I am at the writing.  I am ignoring that voice and the next mouse movement I make will be to post this.  A post of some sort is better than no post at all with be my watchphrase.

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