Saturday, June 05, 2010

A mention for this blog in Cornish World magazine (and some Link Love)

A very flattering mention for this humble and, of late, somewhat tardy Blogger blog and the pressure is on.  The item is in the smartly turned out Cornish World magazine.  (For anyone not completely familiar with the online world, click on the magazine tile in the previous sentence and it will take you to the magazine’s website.)

imageIn addition to being highly flattered at being given a mention, it was particularly pleasing to be featured in a magazine that is both in touch with Cornish culture and bang up to date with technology.  Reading the June/July edition, No. 70, I see they are clued up with a web presence both at and, a Twitter account and a Facebook page.

My only regret was a dearth of decent photographs to offer following the death of my Acer netbook, (that’ll teach me to be lax about backups).  The one that was used was not the sharpest of the bunch but, then again it woud have detracted from the writing if it had been pin sharp, so I will console myself that the low resolution photo plays it’s part.


If you have come to this blog from reading the article, then welcome gentle reader.  Do visit again and I will aim to live up to the warm reception Catherine gave me in her article.

Of course, you may well be a fellow blogger who has visited in order to confirm for yourself that your efforts trump anything I may have recorded.  So be it, read, confirm any preconceptions and submit your blog for a mention in despatches by emailing


austin said...

Hello Mr. Ferris, It's me, Austin Cookson. I am Louise's son, Ruth Swire's nephew. Remember me? Well, mum and I are in England till July 5th. We are currently staying in Falmouth at Mr. Swire's house. I was just wondering if there would be any interest in arranging for the whole gang to meet up one night again?
I don't know when you're going to get this, but hopefuly you read it before the 5th.

Phil said...

Hey Austin, good to hear from you. Call me Phil, when people call me Mr Ferris I usually think I am in trouble!

It would be great to meet up. I have a couple of ideas, I'll have a word with my mum (Florence) and see whether it would be at hers or if Dorothy wants to host. (The cottage we live in is so small there's hardly room for the two of us never mind a room full of people.

I hope you and your Mom are well, I heard Louise was coming over it's great shehad you to keep her company and look out for her, rather than make the long trip alone.

My email is philip.ferris @ (take out the two spaces if you email) or you can get my contact info on the site If you Mom checks her emails I can email Porthlevengirl when I know. Cheers phil

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