Friday, July 08, 2005

0n the buses

Above is a grabbed phone shot of the delicious food served at Taverna Agni.

I am covering in our Penzance office today, so hopefully will have a photo from my wanderings in this old town.

I'm travelling on the bus today, I'll write about my experiences

Covering the Penzance office has it's advantages, being 2 minutes from the sea.

I am travelling home on a bus today, not something I often do in the UK but something I do virtually everyday when in Corfu.

I was encouraged in a number of ways to try the Corfiot bus service. Firstly nerves about driving abroad for the first time, the cost of 7 days travelling by bus being around €14 against €120 by car and the chance to use my Greek.

There are 2 flavours of bus on the island, blue and green. The blue buses are for shorter trips for example Corfu Town to Dassia and back again. They do not have air conditioning and, at peak times, can be packed tighter than would be allowed for cattle in a truck. It is simply a fact of life. I have the greatest of respect for the locals who have to put up with hoardes of sweaty and, sometimes, barely clothed visitors.

The green buses, my favourite, are used for trips to the very ends of the island from the hub, Corfu Town, that is the capital. They are air conditioned and both types have conductors as well as drivers (I have had many an enjoyable chat with conductors on our trips).

Green buses run from Gouvia where we stay and Kendroma where I get out to walk down to Taverna Agni. I have so much more time to look around and if I want to have a few glasses of wine l don't have to worry.

I've rambled enough, time to post.

This email was handwritten on a Sony Ericsson P910i.

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