Sunday, July 10, 2005

Pond Dipping and other thoughts

The photo today is from Falmouth where we are rock pooling to finish the day off. It is 7pm and so warm.

I have not posted about the London bombings until now. I don't believe I had anything to add.

What has changed a little is perspective. My train of thought ran through concern, sympathy for those directly and eventually idled on how it might affect me. I am due to attend a meeting in London in a few weeks and the Russel Square route is the one I will take. I contemplated how I might have felt if I was there on that day.

Today, Sunday, we are visiting our friends, including our Godson, who are on holiday in.Cornwall. I went from thinking about the bombings, to worrying about where we could go for pond dipping, the nearest place to it where we can buy nets and buckets and the shortest route to avoid car sickness. Watching children enjoying a simple activity on a summery Sunday afternoon sure puts things into context.

Re previous photo
I have been asked why I didn't include a photo of something more sustantial if I was going to show a meal at Agni.

When we eat out in Corfu we will often order the Greek way. I don't mean speaking the language, (i.e. "tha eethala" etc - more on this in the future), rather that we order 4+ starters between us and just dip into these. This is not something we can do in the UK due to costs but so much more accessible in Corfu.

I have only just posted Friday's post so there will be 2 for today. More from the train tomorrow.

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