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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Spring is here (hopefully)

I realise that I may be a little premature - mother nature being some what fickle at times but I do think that we have turned a corner.

Ok, if I am honest it's wishful thinking.

Yesterday was Cathy's birthday and. While we went out for a meal with family, the weather did not encourage for walking or even having a pleasant drive. Todaywas much of the same, strong winds, rain and fog. Driving back, we went through a sudden band of rain but oh! on the far side of it blue sky and sunshine - admittedly there was still a strong wind, but I am more and more convinced that I love windy weather.

As I write his I am writing in the garden with a mocha and my Pocket PC, recharging my batteries in the warm sunshine.

Right now, those 4-5 weeks of bronchitis seem so far away. I am beginning to feel human again, as far as my health is concerned; there are other issues I am working through but rig

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