Thursday, March 16, 2006

And so the journey begins...

Had a refreshing stroll from the office to the train station here in Penzance. The chill of an easterly wind whipping in from the bay ensured I arrived perky and ready for the off.

While I lack a sense of smell, there is something special about the sea tang carried on a breeze.

Great start to the trip, the walk being aided by having an ideal seat - forward facing with a single seat and table plus it's NOT the quiet carriage - I have a bunch of podcasts to catch up on.

I am on a (First) Great Western train; unfortunately only Virgin Trains have a charging point but at least it's a chance to try my portable AA battery charger for the Axim, (guess who forgot the portable phone charger - but do have mains one - so it all works out in the end).

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