Saturday, February 21, 2009

A brief, if unexciting, catchup on what we’re up to

This is going to be one of those rambling-mostly-of-no-interest-except-to-the-writer blog posts.  I write it because I am fed up getting the urge to jot things one moment and then losing the desire by the time I get to the computer.  It’s sad really and entirely my own fault, since I have so many ways of recording my thoughts and posting to the internet.  I am going to try to avoid the whinging pom ppost in this, in tribute to my most excellent antipodean friends who occasionally peruse this site and whom it was great to see at Christmas.

First off is a look forward to we have in March.  I find that it helps in winter particularly to have what our friends Chris and taff call look-forward-tos.  We will be celebrating a special birthday with them and combining it, all things being equal, with a long overdue visit to Winchester, to visit the Cytronex bicycle location.

I had posted enthusiastically last year about sorting out an electric bike via the UK Government subsidy scheme. Cathy persuaded me that going into winter was not the best time to purchase a bike and I should wait till spring; an added complication was when I had the incredibly kind offer to purchase a car from a friend at well under market value.  It was the correct decision, as for the end of last year I had to make a load of trips to our North Cornwall office 70 miles away. 

We are going to have a day in Winchester while up seeing our friend and so I will arrange a trial ride. (I was also contacted via my post last year by a couple near Hayle who have Cytronex bikes and I haven’t ruled out taking them up on their offer to see the bikes in action.)  Recently the car has been off the road with a heater matrix problem and I have been walking the 30 minutes to the office from where the bus drops and the 45 minutes in the evening to the bus station.  I have enjoyed the walking but the bike will give me more scope.  I have joined Morrab Library following my visiting to take part in a genetic People of the British Isles but it takes a little over 30 minutes to walk there from work, not practical at lunchtime but perfectly feasible if cycling.

On Monday Cathy and I are excited to finally be going to archery classes.  We have fought shy of doing so in past years as the adverts we saw were for evening classes starting in Setpember and we would miss half of them through holidaying then but then we saw the advert for February and jumped at it.  I am not convinced that I will be any good but that’s what the 6 course is all about.  I like the romance of the thing but you won’t be seeing me parading about robed in Lincoln Green.

Our friends from London are down at the beginning of March which is always good and I am hoping we will get some good weather like the blue sky and sunshine of today.   Talking of which, I need to be off and in the shower as I promised to head out shopping wit Cathy.  It’s good to be able to get out after all the flu and chest infection (slept in a chair last night due to ciughing but hoping that was just a bump on the road to recovery).


Stay well kind reader and most of all, remember to have fun.

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