Saturday, February 21, 2009

Just ore of the same general musings

This time I am writing on my Touch HD with my Stowaway Bluetooth Keyboard. I should use this more often; it's so convenient and very comfortable balanced here on my lap tray. This phone does have everything one would need to get stuff done. I am currently typing into Mobile GBlogger but could be surfing with Opera or Twittering with PockeTwit, collecting emails with Flexmail 4, recording notes in OneNote Mobile or my current favourite - EverNote - notes that synch automatically with the cloud and any of my other computers. Yes a larger screen can be good but for grabbing some quick content or carrying out a swift action this HTC Touch HD can do it and do it well. (I don't subscribe to the Windows Mobile doesn't cut it school, especially when it allows me to do so much.) I'm off now to cook down some onions to go with the frankfurters and baked rolls for tea (or dinner, as some posh people say over here and abroad). I hope you have a good time with whatever you are about to do and thanks for stopping by.

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