Saturday, October 01, 2005

Departure Blues

[I had intended for this to be posted while sitting in departures but this was rather optimistic. Read on.]

We are sitting, waiting for our check-in to open.

I feel numb at th. moment - must be the length of time we were out. This will no doubt change when I get in to work.

As I write this we are in the departure lounge. Checkin became intense after the 2 hours to flight time. Not a seat to spare at t

The way Corfu airport works you have to que for the x-ray scanners that are in the departure hall. As the airport is relatively small there is not enough room for everyone to wait inside as well as que.

Through checkin - missed out on the front by 30 people or so but that's no great shakes. I got pulled for a bag check, but l expected this because of all the power and connector leads l had, (for the computer, 2 phones, music player hard disk and minidisc, etc).

Had an aisle seat this time and it was really nice to be able to stretch my legs when l wanted. I think l'd opt for this in the future rather than a window seat.

Landed safely. I could have written on the plane but didn't want to be hassled with explaining Flight Mode.

Still, plenty of Podcasts to keep me company - l'll talk about these in another posting.

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