Sunday, December 31, 2006

The marvels of bluetooth

I know that bluetooth has a range of something like 10 feet but it can still surprise me.

I am sitting downstairs in the lounge of our friends in Camberley, my Sony Ericsson P910i phone is on the bedside cabinet upstairs. I finished a blog entry and hit send without thinking about it and, after a few seconds, it was gone and Diarist (thank you once again Kevin Daly) reported those magic words Post Successful.

The fact that I am using bluetooth is something of an embarassment to me. I set up wireless internet for my friend early this year and made strenuous efforts to ensure he was secure. I came up a few days ago thinking, 'Great I can (with permission) collect emails and update my RSS feeds via their connection'. I fired up my Axim not long after arriving and discovered that I can't even see the signal!

I know what the problem is, I locked the signal down to 804g only - but why?!?

What reason could I have had to do that, especially knowing that if I came up I would be using an 804b Axim. Weird. Oh well, I have my phone and am happy using that for the little I need. I had loaded up with podcasts be fore I left, should I need them for the journey up or back, and RSS and email isn't too much of a strain on my meagre GPRS resource.

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