Thursday, December 28, 2006

A thank you for the fine start

Well, I am chuffed to bits with the excellent take up I have had already from some of the nominees I targeted in the meme challenge .

I emailed a majority of my choices, my decision as being the best option for me, as I don't have the presence to just call out; for a start, my bog has a minimal audience.

A big thank you to Marianne at Marianne's Virtual Salon for her great entry.

Thanks to my mate Buzz Bruggerman at Buzznovation for his sterling contribution.

I have just seen Craig Pringle's response, thank you very much Craig, enjoyable as always.

One thing I actually like is the chance for me to give some of my favourite blogs/bloggers a sort of shoutout. Unlike Craig, I have yet to meet any of the bloggers I read. I am near to Guilford ths New Year so you never know I might bump into the Currys, (though I very much doubt it).

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