Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Journal and BBC iPlayer in harmony - typing on the HP 2710p

The Journal and BBC iPlayer in harmony - typing on the HP 2710p
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Well, I think that I may have gotten over the novice Tablet user hump. It's
what I refer to the fascination with handwritten composition on the my first
Tablet PC to the near exclsuion of all else. Since getting this HP 2710p in
November I have used it in Tablet mode with pen for input for, let's say, 40
hours per week (well, I don't use it for more than a few hours a day at
work) and maybe 1 hour in keyboard mode - seriously, that little. I have
had a Pocket PC that let me write but it didn't allow me to do as much as
easily as this HP.

These last couple of days I have started typing with the keyboard and, in
doing so, I think I may have found a killer use. I have a wide screen on
this computer which I love for giving me the equivalent of an A4 page when
working in portrait mode, my preferred orientation for pen input; Today I
set up the journal programme with the BBC iPlayer along side and this meant
I could catch up on watching stuff while being able to write a journal and
also blog. I'm really excited by this as I have been distracted on a number
of occasions from writing by the watching of web content.

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