Saturday, July 05, 2008

What do I want to do?


ocifant said...

It's my personal opinion that formal qualifications are overrated unless you're a recent graduate i.e. young or switching careers. Real-world experience counts for far more, and you have that IT experience.

As far doing something else - we all feel that. I have a couple of books in me that will work their way out one day, even if only via Lulu or a simlar self-publishing system. It just needs time.

Phil said...

I have been out of the job market for 6 years and when I last looked I was getting issues over paper qualifications. I will take what you say on board and aim to go for stuff even if I haven't got the exact bits of paper.

I must admit, being a geek, i have found that I thast much further than IT people I have encountered, for who it is just a job.

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