Saturday, July 12, 2008

This is something new to try to both encourage me to write and blog on a more regular basis than I do now.

This is being produced in a programme called The Journal ( ). As it's name suggests the programme is designed to act as an aid to journaling. One of the features is a calendar layout that tracks and stores entries by date; I hope that this will help to highlight when I have not made an entry for a while. I am not unrealistic enough to think that it will get me blogging everyday.

I have hopes that it will encourage general writing as well and is at least an improvement being a tool for writing rather than just another book. This is a programme I will only use for writing so hope that it will also encourage me to concentrate on the one thing.

I am using ritePen to enter text as it gives me the flexibility to write anywhere on this tablet screen, just like on my Pocket PC, which I have really enjoyed using.


Alan said...

This is presumably the trial version, or have you commited by purchasing it yet?

The software looks 'interesting' Phil - what does it give you over your use of One-Note, other than the blogging capability?

I've started using One-Note as a diary at work - main page for the month with day sub-pages, so that area's covered.

Phil said...

What can I say? A week stuck indoors feeling lousy with strep throat, I got stir crazy.The Bits Du Jour site offered it at half price and I took the plunge at £10.

I'll do some screen shots and a write up.

Alan said...

:-) Shame I missed that offer - I've signed up for the email newsletter - thanks for the heads-up - there are some good general tips in there.

Hopefully you're feeling a bit recovered now.

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