Thursday, July 17, 2008

Quiet but productive day

Bit of a thoughtful day today.  Most of the staff where I am based went off to a union meeting.


I always enjoy it when the building is quiet, as I get more done, but today was even more effective.  I made a start on revamping my CV, downloaded some advice on the topic and had a skim of the local job adverts. 


Also gave me the chance to reflect on what I had done and what I want to do in the future.  I have a week away soon and this will give me an opportunity to mull as well.  Not knowing what's happening with me is a little unsettling as neither my current charity nor the new one are willing to commit to anything in writing at present.  I am retaining my optimism which is very comforting, given so many others who have had a commitment are unsettled or negative even.  I try to lift spirits by example.


Worse things happen at sea as they say.


Another advantage of the quiet time was that it coincided with a Web Conference on Windows Live meeting about using BT Conferencing for web collaboration.  I joined in via conference call and web site, since the desktop I used was locked to application install.  I enjoyed it and the timing to suit Europe helped (it started at 11.30am GMT).  The saddest part was my, out of character, reluctance to ask a question live; it meant I missed out on a $400 prize, given to the first person who called in their question rather than type in a question from the web.  Hey ho.


Just typing then posting this before heading off to bed.

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