Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Bronchitis trials and tribulations

Coming up to week 3 of this debacle - not the right word but I feel so rough and frusltrated at the name time.

For 3 weeks I had to put up with persistent coughing that was due to a virus - according to my doctor. Eventually I had to go back with a rattle in my throat and coughing so hard that I couldn't stand without holding on to something. Lo and behold it was bronchitis and the Doc said it would "get worse before it got better" and I thought 'that's OK how much worse can it get?'

UGH!!! It's not right that I can feel so lousy - I haven't even surfed the web in my spare time. It wasn't so much the cough as the lack of motivation, the depression (and yet the knowing that there are so many more people worse off than me). The little I have managed is thanks to this wireless network, being able to sit on the settee in front of the open fire has been as theraputic as anything I have.

I have turned a corner now - if coughing hard enough to put my back out, is on the mend.

The one thing I could really do with is a stylus in the form of a fountain pen. I've not heard of such a thing but it would make it so much more enjoyable.

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