Monday, February 27, 2006

Trains in Cornwall

There is some good news, if you are an uber geek, the train due in is a Virgin Train (more on this in a bit).

If you've never encountered the 3 services that run through the county, let me give a brief snapshot.

Wessex Trains - I would say my least favourite train but, when waiting for rail transport to take me home that often is hourly at best, any train is my favourite. The carriages are often tired when it comes to upholstery and cleanliness. There have been times when the they have been short of carriages meaning people stood all through the aisles. Pretty much covering between the edge of Devon and Penzance.

First Great Western - carriages not as tired as Wessex and less often late. In relation to Cornwall, this company runs services between Penzance and London.

Virgin Trains - this service runs the newest fleet of trains, as reflected in the condition of the interiors and, most importantly for geeks, a mains power socket (god bless Richard Branson - for this at least). I looked at my Axim when I realised l'd be at the station for some time and was disappointed to see it only had an hour's charge at best; as I use it to listen to all the podcasts I subscribe to at present this was bad news. My mood lifted, as soon as l realised l had missed my normal evening Wessex train but would get to catch a Virgin.

I write this while sitting on the train, listening to In Our Time from Radio 4 and charging the Axlm at the same time.

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