Sunday, April 30, 2006

Diarist and Keyboard

I have a couple of minutes before going to bed and wanted to make an update on my progress with the keyboard.

But first here's a saviour programme of the old school. 34k in size yet fulfilling a vital purpose. I am posting this using the Diarist programme produced by Kevin Daly.

For some reason, none of my posts from either of my accounts, that I normally post from, have made it to the account. Neither picture nor text has shown up from today but nor have I had the "did not get through" message. More on Diarist later but I have to say how refreshing to find a compact programme.

Things are still going swimmingly. The keyboard makes surfing using the Axim a much more comfortable experience over longer periods. I have spent around 3 hours this evening with the Axim in it's cradle on the arm of the settee, while I had the keyboard in my lap, I shall refer to this in future as my favoured position. I have surfed, updated my contacts and sent email. With no strain or real difficulties.

I believe the one thing I do could do to speed data entry even more is to work out how to accept the predictive text that pops up by using the keyboard.

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