Monday, April 17, 2006

Where's my post gone?

On Saturday I came across a dancing exhibition by a group of Breton dancers visiting Falmouth.

I thought it an ideal opportunity to capture the event live for this blog. I used the 910i, as the camera and handwriting recognition make it very easy to compose and send an entry.

I had an initial problem with rogue characters in the smtp setting, from earlier experimentation due to problems with Orange's email handling. Once I corrected the smtp anomaly the photo and text went from the Outbox to the Sent. The strange thing is, over the following hours that day, I saw no response in my inbox to say the post had reached Blogger; I checked the blog itself and there was no sign there either.

Yesterday I resent the entry and still there is no sign. I will now transfer it from my phone and see if sending from here has any effect.

First though, I will send this entry to check that something can get through.

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