Sunday, April 30, 2006

Fantastic - I love Diarist

I didn't think it would matter that much if I couldn't post for a day or two; I didn't bank on the fact that investing the time in writing changed my point of view.

This is such a straightforward programme but aren't the best ones just that?

I downloaded the cab in about 2 minutes from finding the website, after Googling for posting problems from PPC to a blogger account. The installation took under 1 minute and I had a post up 3 minutes later. The programme even reports whether the post was successful a couple of seconds after posting - at least it does while I am connected to my wifi connection as is the case right now.

That's all I can ask for. When it comes to keeping a blog alive one needs to be able to post easily and this is aided in the first part by mobile blogger and second by the programme or method of getting the post out.

Photos need attaching from a URL, by the looks of it, but that's not too difficult as I now have a flickr account. I may be able to work out the coding to use to attach pictures from the PPC when posting, we'll see. I managed to close the browser that was on Kevin Daly's latest site but I'll dig it out again in the morning.

I just wanted to blog something as I am chuffed to be able to get posts out there again and also use my keyboard.

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