Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Shout it from the rooftops

I think it must be "Rarely Heard About Day".

Please read the following with this in mind: I live in the UK, where we are quite used to paying prices for IT items by replacing the dollar sign with that of the British pound - straight swap. Even with this in mind, there are some things that seem to be even more out of kilter.

For quite some time, a big bugbear of mine has been the huge costs involved
with Wifi hotspot access in the UK.

So many sites seem to want to charge premium rates of £6 [$9 - 10] per hour!
While surfing through the wifi related website (BT Openzone) of my IP (BT
Openworld) I find that they offer their customers like myself 500 minutes
per month for the same amount!

So where is the publicity material for this? Where is the advertising? When were they shouting it from the rooftops?

Is it only me who wants to spend the odd 10 minutes or so grabbing emails, topping up on podcasts and maybe the occasional Skype? This useage pattern ensures the monthly or daily subscriptions available are not financiably viable; that leaves the 1 hour voucher, even if I can spread out the use, it means a minimum of 10 minutes per connection will be used up at 10p a minute.

Now I can go online for the briefest of periods without severe dents to my wallet. If I only had a laptop I might not be sure I would use the minutes up, (they do not roll over), but I have this Dell Axim x51v.

It was the same when they upgraded me for free, from 512k to 2GB (yeh I know
there's plenty of people with faster), no big splash but it's worth a lot to

So I doff my hat to BT, an oft maligned organisation but maybe, just maybe, a diamond in the rough.

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James said...

BT Openzone is expensive. If you are interesting in trying out the service, you can get promotional vouchers for £5. These vouchers are valid for 30 days and 4,000 minutes of connectivity.

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