Thursday, February 22, 2007

Deja Vue

Well, it happened again. I should have known from the conversation I had with a friend who dropped me at Bristol Temple Meads; he was telling me what the rules are in respect of claiming compensation for a late train. We set off and were travelling well, even getting into Plymouth 6 minutes early. Then it happened. We are an express train with priority along the track, except tonight. A freight train was put on the line ahead of us and this was running late. Because Cornwall has very long lengths of track between signals we had to wait just outside of Saltash for the freight train to reach the next set 20 minutes further down - 10 minutes late. Given that we were 6 minutes ahead this wasn't too bad, up to the point that the breaks seized on the freight train. We were then stuck just outside Par for approximately 50 minutes.

It is now 9.40pm and I should be in Penzance in 10 minutes time but am 1 hour away. We will make up time, enough time that we don't qualify for compensation unfortunately, but Virgin has been fair with us. We have been kept informed of the problem, which wasn't of Virgin's making, and offered free beverages from the buffet car.

As previously, (I don't have the link for that post to hand), I am as content as I could be. Virgin trains allow me to charge my device courtesy of the power supply socket and it's warm. I feel sorry for people stuck on the trains behind us coming from London, they may have had a longer journey and being stuck on one of those leaves laptop carries in difficulties if they want to use technology to entertain themselves. I am geared up for around 20 hours continuous use without needing a mains suppply but not every device is this power efficient. There is one socket per pair of seats and I have a table to myself so could charge at least 2 devices, my phone is charging as I write. I di contemplate recharging some batteries I have with me but can't be bothered fishing in my bag right now.

A big thank you to the cast and writers of Frasier, I have been sitting here giggling to myself, while getting worried looks from one or two people in view of my face, but not what I am laughing at. Time now I think for a celebratory hot chocolate and a chapter or two of Kevin J Anderson's Seven Suns novel 'Of Fire and Night'.

Evening everyone.

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