Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Smiling fit to burst

Below is the content of an email I fired off to a couple for friends on the Internet ( I have had occasion to email them from work, so their emails are conveniently instantly available in this yucky Web Outlook).
James and Kevin

I had to tell someone who'd appreciate this.

A lady who's been working in the family centre I keep an eye over, and whom I have been giving tablet orientated advice to, has asked me to setup an HP TC1100 tablet for wireless network access. SHE HAS GIVEN IT TO ME TO USE TILL THURSDAY MORNING!!!!!

People have been asking me why I am grinning so much but when I show them the slip case and start getting animated they just can't see why. (Yeh, I am used to that reaction).

Also, the courier has just been with my swap-out x51v. I have loved my other one like it was a part of me but even so, this one looks so gorgeous and shiny.

You wait for an exciting IT experience like reinstalling/setting up a favourite device then along come two at once, just like buses I think the saying goes.


[I am going to stick this up on the blog too as I am going to be engrossed for the next day and a half].

Hope your day is going as well.

(currently often mistaken for a Cheshire Cat)

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