Sunday, February 18, 2007

Wharburtons bread

Fw: Wharburtons bread
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We have a new loaf this weekend called Warburtons Seeded Loaf. While not bread in the same league of Marianne's, it is very enjoyable.

The reason I bought the loaf is from it's television advert. Warburtons' adverts these are the very first I have seen that actively promote their accessibilty via the internet, email specifically.

The advert, as seen on UK terrestrial commercial station ITV1, emphasises how approachable the person running family business Jonathon Warburton, was and gives his email address very prominently.

I find it refreshing for a company to actively encourage feedback/input from people in this way and will support them by buying their products, which, going by the seeded loaf, will be no hardship at all.

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