Friday, February 02, 2007

What happens when an x51v meets a concrete floor

We had a little accident yesterday, my Axim and me.

Fortunately, it was in it's Proporta aluminium extended battery case.

Unfortunately, while the case saved the Axim from cracking, the buttons on the front no longer operate.

Once I got over the initial shock a horrible thought occurred to me; I had accident cover but no idea where my paperwork was. Finding the paperwork would take an age.

I nipped online to check on exactly what I needed and it was then I made a brilliant discovery. I didn't need to find my original documents, I needed simply to open up the back and read a Tag number underneath the battery. I am not used to these things but it struck me as an elegant way to do things.

A phone call of 10 minutes and we had checked a few basic operations prior to the tech support chap agreeing that it would need to be replaced. I asked if I could have the replacement next Tuesday, when I was in one location for the whole day, he said certainly; he asked me to email the address and my availability times so that he could arrange a courier on Monday who would come out on Tuesday. That could have been it but, he said he would phone me on monday to confirm that it had been arranged. As things stand how could it have gone better?

Thank you Dell.

And thank heavens the Axim has a touch screen, that lets me continue to use it till Tuesday.

On a side note, I had decided a week ago that it was high time I got a new screen protector. They arrived this morning and I would love to install one, to get the newly smooth feel on the screen and ink some posts, but that would be a waste.

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