Tuesday, September 13, 2005

A lesson learnt

While IT is not my current job I have been a power user, as the term went in the '80s, for quite a few years now.

So it'll be no surprise to you to learn that l have tripped up good and proper.

I decided that it would be really useful if I could take my browser bookmarks and email settings with me on holiday. To do this I obtained a 512Mb memory stick, no probs there. 'I know,' l thought, 'l'll be clever and test it out on my own machine first.'

What l didn't consider is that I have my email left on the server when using Outlook, this was not set up on the Portable Thunderbird! Aaaarggghhh!! All my emails disappeared from my server, so when I came to Corfu and checked online there would be nothing there!

I had the emails in the Thunderbird, so l changed the setting and re-emailed myself, that way I had those with backup travel data available. It helps that I can check emails on this phone, though it'd be relatively expensive, 10 UK pounds per megabyte - my normal deal is 1 UK pound per Mb.

Things could have been a lot worse, I may have needed the information and not realised the problem. I am grateful for the heads up warning.

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