Sunday, September 18, 2005

Travels with my files

I have just had a half hour getting onto my friends dialup and downloaded some blogs that I have just started getting into.

I really am going to have to move over to wireless at home. I have had the laptop out here and, while I don't have to feed it coal, it's not the newest of machines but the flexibility given has given me so much more.

The convoluted travels of blog text

I read some items on my phone but, as GPRS is so phenomenally expensive when running a UK sim, I did this by pasting whole pages into a word-processing document and sent them to the phone via bluetooth. (Actually it was more complicated than that. My friend's computer has Microsoft Works, bought with the computer on Corfu, it did not come with the gratis copy of Word that I have found elsewhere. My phone is the (nearly - needs wifi) all singing, all dancing Sony Ericsson P910i; it accepts many things but the word-viewer is fussy. The phone will read and convert to it's own flavour of file from the Word 2000 the laptop runs, so I moved the Works file (to keep the formatting) to my 512Mb memory stick (boy was I glad I bought that before the holiday). From there I found that Word 2000 does not read the Works files, even though Works is older, and for some reason I cannot read these Works files in Word. Back go the files and I dropped them into WordPad and saved them as Word 6.0, then opened them in Word and saved as standard Word files. The final act was to bluetooth them to the phone, wasn't sure where the phone was but it's paired and doesn't need confirmation.

Handcrafted on a Sony Ericsson P910i

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