Wednesday, September 14, 2005

What I'm emailing

I decided to share the occassional email rather than just sent it to an audience of one or two.

16.46 !!

I'm away for a week and a bit and you're part time!

It's funny, I was wandering around Corfu Town yesterday when I was emailing, quite busy but today we chilled and I didn't email.

It might have been ouzo rather than Sangria but I have been rationing myself. I am sitting waiting for some fish that my friend caught recently.

From where I sit, on the veranda, I can see low cloud creeping over the shoulders of the mountains in the north. A swallow has just crossed infront of me, riding the breeze that is growing ahead of the cloud.

It's still warm at after 7pm and I am in t-shirt and shorts. I love this time of year. (I may change my mind later when the rains set in. Something is weighing those cumulus down.

I can see the start of a village, just below what l call the mountain ridge. What must it be like, coming out of your home and looking up to see this phenomenally large cloud, appearing over the edge and descending towards you - amazing!

I am ea.rnestly studying the lottery draws while out here, I could definately become accustomed to this life.

Yesterday we had a fantastic meal in town with traditional things such as country spicy sausage, stuffed cabbage, cheese pies, etc. (The secret is to order a bunch of starters and no main course).

Sounds like I'm not being missed at work, I hope l'm missed a bit - l'd like to have a job to come back to :-D

The cloud has stopped flowing down the mountain and is sitting there like a huge sheet of cotton wool.

Well, that's enough from here at the chillout palace.

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