Friday, September 23, 2005


We have been standing on one end of a see-saw, the combined return to UK and work standing at the other. Till this week we were the heavier but, as each day passed, we moved a step closer. Yesterday I could feel the see-saw dip and it has become a downhill slide.

Something occurred yesterday that threw thoughts like this out of the window. Someone I know lives in the path of Hurricane Rita. Even though I have never met him l consider him a friend not an aquaintance. This is an internet thing, having contact, getting to know someone through their activities on the net. It is not a new phenomenon, the same sort of connection has occurred with letter writing - not yet a deceased art.

So, if something is bothering you where you are, whether it is "nothing on the television", having forgotten to get some shopping, being caught in a sudden downpour, walking to work in the rain, spare a thought for my friend James of in Houston.

Here's to you and yours James, stay well and stay safe. (Suddenly this Meditteranean thunderstorm, in Corfu Town, doesn't seem like anything at all.)

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