Friday, June 30, 2006

Goonhilly good grief

It has been written in more prestigious places than this (where isn't), that "pride cometh before a fall", from experience I should have known but it still trips me up.

I have been patting myself on the back over the postings I made that jkOnTheRun have used. Hey, I thought, all these feeds I have been working through are worth it just for the recognition; a sneeky part of me was saying, you must be good at this to be able to beat people in the US to US-centric stories.

Yesterday morning I was in the office early, so decided to read a couple of rss threads in Egress, my PPC rss reader. The first thing I see is Kevin picking up on why hadn't I blogged about the new cybercafe setup at the Goonhilly Earth Satellite Station in Cornwall. Hey said a little voice I'm so great I pick up stories on in another country but I can't see a story that's 10 miles from my home! 10 miles, not in another part of Europe, not the other end of the country but, as near as darn it, in my backyard. Oh the pain, oh the humiliation.

I have read a bit on the setup there now and will blog it over the weekend, if not sooner. I intend making a visit in the near future to grab some photos and maybe even some audio or video.

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