Monday, June 26, 2006

Tingles in my scalp

I was listening to part of a play today, while making a mad dash across the county from one office to another. It was part Arthurian and part reminiscences of the author. I felt sure that it was about TH White, as they had a male narrator.

The author talked about staying in Somerset and I was convinced I had the name sorted. At the end the name of the author crops up and it is John Steinbeck; there starts the tingle.

I have for years tried to read his work but all of the books I knew were of a depressing nature, based around the dust bowl depression era. One day I felt the urge to visit a second hand bookshop,the feeling I get that has always resulted in my finding a book that I really want. I came out with a journal written by Steinbeck alongside of his Grapes of Wrath, I managed halfway and put it to oneside; before I stopped reading I was intrigued to see that he speculated on the existence of extraterrestrials.

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