Monday, June 26, 2006

Response to Robert Scoble's Al Gore and Peter Davis opinion

Dear Al Gore: here's some inconvenient truths

Response to Robert Scoble


With regard to the your Al Gore post.

I don't know where I'd be without the various podcasts and streamed audio from the web; actually I do know, it'd be listening to what I still call a transistor radio, absorbing all manner of programmes from the BBC = Radio 4 especially. The trouble is it's shotgun listening, so much of it of no real interest to me that it drowns out the thought provoking other stuff. THe trouble with r adio listening has always been having to turn off, or losing reception and missing something. Don't tell me about taping programmes to listen to later, the nu mber of ways and means I employed to get the recording started on time when I couldn't be there to do it or would be asleep.

With my oh so easy to compile downloads I can listen whenever I want, often this is when commuting by bus, train or Shanksy's pony. If I am carrying chores without my wife around to talk to or shopping in town, I will catch up on a programme of my choosing, one that is on a topic of my choosing and that I can stop, start, even listen to again.

When at school I happen to have mastered the art of reading while I walk; I think people got so used to me weaving my way around obstacles, while my head was buried in a book, that the village just regarded me as a mostly harmless eccentric child. I did get a few looks when I did this while taking part in a 24 hour walk in aid of Cancer, it was really simple, all I had to do was walk circuits around a running track - they even had lines laid out that I could subconsciously follow, no lamposts, moving vehicles, parked vehicles, animals and their by products or stray persons to have to avoid. But enough about me.

In addition to lights being left on I see so many people leaving equipment unneccessarily on standby; items that they will not use till the next day are left to draw, in some cases, almost as much as when they are running.
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