Sunday, June 25, 2006

How about a deal...

I will admit now for anyone who swings by, courtesy of Kevin's kind pointer at JkontheRun from an item I passed on about the number of reported difficulties people are having with the Q (RSS - JkontheRun), I neglect this blog. I have been shamed into doing something about it by Kevin and I am grateful.

I have mentioned here how easy posting has been made by things such as: this Axim x51v, Stowaway Bluetooth Keyboard, Kevin Daly's marvellous little Diarist programme that enable me to make swift posts - particularly useful when working with my bluetooth phone (Kevin Daly RSS), my minimum 3 ways to charge my x51v and Sony Ericcson P910i and wifi hotspots that I now have access to thanks to a deal with BTOpenzone - though I am waiting for The Cloud's all you can use ?11.99 ($20) per month deal on UK wifi; I have failed to take advantage of it.

The deal is this, if you promise to pop back in say two weeks, or when I next get a plug courtesy of Kevin (hopefully not sooner than a fortnight), I promise to have increased my posting rate, added more tech stuff from a Cornish user's perspective, more reflections on Corfu and some observations on live in modern and not so modern Cornwall.

If you decide not to - well, thank you for coming by on this occasion. Have a poke around and you should find some of the topics I mention above or not as you wish - choice, one of those sweet tasting morsels that make the internet so delicious.

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