Saturday, June 24, 2006

Shakespeare Country

After a successful trip to London we headed up to see our Godson and friends.

It's always good seeing them and we haven't seen all of the area around there. A first for me was a visit to Warwick Castle. I had heard much about the place but wasn't sure how "real" the experience would be, after all it was a major tourist attraction.

Somehow we got our dates slightly wrong and ended up on holiday in half term week Despite there being large numbers of families milling about, the castle was such a scale that it wasn't a problem. We saw the bits we wanted to see and had a snack in the restaurant without any problems finding seats.

Things I would recommend at the castle would be the knightly school for the young people ending in their taking part in a mock battle; the school bit was a very good way to enliven history lessons. The birds of prey are always fun and the bowman was brilliant - he really put feeling into something he must do hundreds of times over the year.

It's ?15 for adults to attend but I felt it was worthwhile as you can easily spend a day at the castle. Being to able to see the trebuchet loaded, primed and launched put into perspective the dimensions and impact this device must have had.

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