Friday, June 30, 2006

Waiting Time

I am in a rare lull between work and home. I have finished work for today early, a rarity for me. As came up in conversation with my main boss, I don't normally take up TOIL I build up gradually; this week I pulled a couple of extra 1.5 hour days so I don't feel too guilty. A calleague D was kind enough to drop me off in time for the next train - maximum of 1 per hour to West Cornwall during this part of the day. Unfortunately it isn't a Virgin, so no charge lead use, and it is starting to develop delays; fortunately, I am only going to go as far as Truro - where I should have time to catch a couple of shops and then meet Cathy for a lift home.

I am feeling soooo tired that I am starting to develop spontaneous headaches, never a good sign. Tonight I am helping to setup ready for our Panigiyeri - Greek for village festival. Every year a group of the village churches, originally only Methodist but now several denominations, gather for St. Peterstide. The routine is for a church service, followed by a procession around the village and culminating in a gathering over on a recereational area. Once at the field there are a range of community sports that the children take part in and a large marquee known as the Tea Tent; the tea tent involves tables and benches where people can sit and partake of staples such as saffron buns, yeast buns, fancy cakes and sandwiches.

I will take pictures and post them of the preparations and the day itself over the next few days.

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