Tuesday, July 04, 2006

In memory of Mary

In memory of Mary

Getting ready to set off on a sponsored walk in memory of Mary Davies.

It's sunny with a breeze and good walking weather, I've my Axim, P910i for connect, new Nikon P2 camera (unboxing report later) - let's go.

The day is fine, some cloud but not enough to bring the worry of rain, despite what the weather people presaged. There is a healthy number of people gathered for the walk, both younger and older, a few on bikes. We are on foot, though we could possibly have borrowed a couple of bikes I think it is fairer that we walk, I also really enjoy walking Penrose Woods; it is a National Trust property and was left to the Trust by the previous incumbant whose family still reside there. The property has a rather grand country house and, as a child, I went there on a once to have tea though I hardly remember it now.

Penrose Woods sweep from Helston down to the sea on either side of the sand bar that separates Loe Pool from the sea. It is a mixture of woods on the Porthleven side and meadows on the far side of this. I am only taking pictures of us walking today (approximately 2 hours) but will endeavour to walk the whole circuit at this summer and take some shots to do it justice. [One of the toughest parts of landscape photography has to be the extremely early starts that are needed to do full justice to many views].

Later: I have taken some photos now and need to look at how I am going to transfer them for blogging purposes. Obviously, having bought the P2 with wifi capabilities I don't want to take the simple option of putting the SD card in a reader or this PDA, neither do I want to resort to the USB cord. The way I figure it, I should get into the habit of downloading the photos, tagging them and then push them up to flickr. If I get into a routine it should be easier to make use of the shots, the only downside being that I have to make a note of each shot's address if I am to include them in a post via Diarist. I could email the shots but blogspot seems to have developed a few quirks, one is ignoring emailed posts that contain both pictures and body text and also of ignoring emails from my Orange account.

I think I will post this before the photos if I get to the point where it's late Sunday night and I haven't cracked the wifi camera to computer thing.

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