Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Last night on the Prom

We are sitting on the Prom listening to St.Erth Concert Band. It has been a beautiful Greek day and the evening sun is warm on the back of my neck; the most gentle of breezes is passing across my arm and carrying the music across the bay.

More people are gathering as the evening passes, the different tunes drawing people for reasons known only to themselves. It's somehow comforting when amidst strange one can share a smile during a particular piece of music.

St.Erth Concert Band are different to what may be called a traditional brass band, as their name may suggest, they comprise of a mixture of brass and woodwind instruments.

We found out from our best friend W. that they were playing here on the Prom, loolcing out on Mounts Bay, St. Michael's Mount standing proud in the distance. Unfortunately this is the next to last concert they are holding here, for the foreseeable future, as I understand it.

All in all a beautiful experience.

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