Tuesday, July 18, 2006

It was going so well....


I arrived at Stansted having hardly noticed the journey as I was writing a blog entry. The Stowaway keyboard proved it's value once again, fitting perfectly the little pull down tray.

The seat I got was exactly what I wanted, an aisle seat not too far from the loos and with space for my bag directly above me - Ryanair my carrier is a low cost airline, where you grab a seat when you get on board. (One thing I noticed was that the Ryanair website http://ryanair.com allows online checkin for passengers who meet certain conditions - such as only having hand luggage. The concept is one where having checked in you can print a boarding card and bypass the front desk, going straight to the security/departure lounge when it is opened and, by probably having the lowest of boarding card numbers, you can get to the plane in the first 90 batch to choose the better seats.

I had toyed with the idea of a window seat to take photos but l have had my fill of shots of tiny pinpricks of light and shade depicting towns l don't know the name of. I also considered one of those seats by the emergency exits, in the middle of the plane but reckoned they would be full by the time l headed up the aisle from the back of the plane - the normal Newquay Ryanair procedure is to load boarding tickets 1 - 90 first, I was 107.

So good seat and good flight.

All there was left to do was catch my train to Tottenham Hale - the only stop other than London Liverpool Street. From there it's one stop on the tube and then I am within 5/10 minutes of the work's accommodation where I'm staying.

I bought my ticket earlier in the day on the Ryanair site. I saved some money and, while it was more expensive than the bus, I didn't want to go right into London.

As I made my way to the station an announcement was made. Apparently the train tracks melted today and were under emergency repair - a bus had been kindly laid on for us, unkindly it was only going to Liverpool Street. I would have to spend an extra hour going into London and back out again to Arsenal. I would have paid the much smaller fare if I had chosen to go into the capital, not paid 3 or 4 times as much!

We are currently on the Muggles version of the Night Bus, (for any Harry Potter fans out there), going at a similar speed.

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