Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Went the day well?

It was a good day. We have a great team, a range of responsibilities and everyone holding their own. I always have got a buzz from talking to clever people and today is no exception. If there's one thing the project I work for has given me it's scope to stretch myself.

My biggest concern was not being involved in an Investors in People review right on when Cathy and I are doing things and I manged to avoid that. My biggest concern now is probably staying awake until I am on the plane home. I finally got to sleep on top of the bedccovers around 2.30am, I was soooo glad of the fan in my room.

Now I hardly dare blog this bit but the journey was smooth to the station thanks to Paula wh organised a taxi that made Kings Cross in no time. I have come into the city as I felt it the safest option in case the rails had melted again. This way I felt confident that a bus would be laid on if the train didn't run. What I didn't want to experience was getting to Tottenham Hale, find that the Stansted Express wasn't running and be sent all the way to Liverpool Street before heading out again.

I just missed one train at the station but made the next. A kind lady guard came through the carriage I was on to say that there was airconditioning in the first 4 carriages. The train has left on time.

When I get to Stansted I will probably go through the rigmarole of having my rucksack emptied, owing to the large number of leads and accessories I carry. My travelling tip of the day is this: put all your gadgets, accessories and odds and ends into sealable plastic bags; when someone empties your bag there is no mess and packing/re-packing is real easy, it's good for preventing tangling with the leads This means it will be best to checkin near enough straight away and go through to where
I can sit with a wifi connection and surf till my plane. One thing I noticed while passing through Stansted was that having logged on to a Cloud hotspot and chosen to roam via BT my x51v was a bandwidth tart and jumped on a stronger service after I had moved 6 feet or so. I will have to tether it to one provider next time.

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