Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Beating the airport blues

What do I do when stuck at the airport with only floorspace available? Why I carry on blogging of course. That's an ordinary rucksack you see because 1) it's less conspicuous for carrying all those precious gadgets 2) I knew it would definately meet the airline size guide for hand luggage 3) It doesn't matter as much if it gets a little scuffed.

It was so hot at the airport moving between terminals I could have jumped for joy when I saw the Starbucks sign. Here I have a shot of my life savers 1) My x51v that, when it wasn't online allowing me to blog, provided reading material as well as audiovisual 2) A vente Banana Caramel Frappaccino - I didn't think anything would come close to the frappes I had in Corfu Town until I had this coffee based version instead of the cream one. I got so caught up in enjoying my drink and pda-ing I almost missed the call to board. managed to get a great aisle seat near the front and had a relaxing run back listening to the latest TWIT.

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