Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Finest of Weekends

So what is it that makes the weekend one that will stay in memory for some time to come?

Getting your first phone call from a godsons - not a quick chat during a parent intiated call but a dialed it himself, first to speak sort of communication. I am not saying it was the easiest of conversations but, then again, that's part of what made it special. He really wanted to get his message across and this he did - once he had done so I was passed to mum but that didn't matter in the slightest, if anything it seemed very businesslike almost as if he was passing me to his assistant.

Joining said Godson on after he has taken part in an event and being personally invited to attend a concert he is part of.

Having the birthday present brought out unprompted to tell you about how he has been using it.

Getting to go for a stroll with him and his dad around the harbour and getting included in the adventure as one of the boys.

Discovering a cave that I never knew existed on our adventure and seeing places in a way I hadn't seen for more than 25 years.

Spending a day unexpectedly with best friends.

Laughing and relaxing as you only can with best friends, including getting to bounce about on a trampoline far later than was wise.

Enjoying the balmy evening air as you walk home with your beautiful wife on your arm.

I don't think I have done it full justice but these are some of the reasons why I can look back and say that is was the finest of weekends.

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